Answers to frequently asked questions are provided in the relevant section of the documentation. If you have an issue with VIP, please first check it is not detailed in the FAQ. If you find a bug or experience an unreported issue in VIP, it is recommended to post a new entry in the Issues section on GitHub. Feel free to propose a pull request if you have already identified the source of the bug/issue.

If you have a global comment, inquiry about how to solve a specific task using VIP, or suggestions to improve VIP, feel free to open a new thread in the Discussions section. The ‘Discussions’ section is also used to post VIP-related announcements and discuss recent/on-going changes in VIP. Envisioned future developments are listed in the Projects section. Contributions are very welcome!

If you wish to be kept informed about major VIP updates and on-going/future developments, feel free to click the ‘watch’ button at the top of the GitHub page.